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Rimini Expo Centre, Italy – May 5-9, 2025

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at the International Symposium on Biotechnological Tools in Horticulture that will be held at the Rimini Expo Center, in Rimini, Italy, from 5 to 9 May 2025. This symposium is organised by the Marche Polytechnic University under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

The symposium will have as its main themes the application of biotechnological tools in horticulture, starting from plant in vitro culture aspects to functional genomics studies, to the various "omics" for plant genotyping/phenotyping, the new genomic techniques aimed at the genetic improvement of species of agronomic interest, up to aspects related to the socio-economic impact, biosafety, and public acceptance related to the use of biotechnology in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The symposium will offer a platform for new collaborations and dialogue among leading and emerging scientists, experts, and students from all over the world, who can share knowledge, ideas, and perspectives.

The symposium will be hosted by the Macfrut 2025, an international trade event for professionals operating in the national and international fruit and vegetable sector including the best enterprises specialized in services, equipment, and technology for production, marketing, conditioning, and transport of fruit and vegetables. These joined events represent a great opportunity to bring together the academic and research worlds, with those of the production and industries.

Scientific topics:

  • In vitro morphogenesis and regeneration processes
  • In vitro somaclonal variation
  • Chemical and physical mutagenesis
  • Plant genomic studies and gene identification
  • Direct and mediated genetic transformation
  • Cisgenesis and intragenesis
  • Genome editing
  • RNAi (Host-induced gene silencing-HIGS and Spray-induced gene silencing-SIGS)
  • Trans-grafting
  • Functional genomics
  • Omics for biotech plant phenotyping
  • Biosafety
  • Social economic impact and public acceptance
  • Patenting issues

The four-day program of the symposium will include a one-day Biotech school at the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, Ancona, Italy, on the 5th of May. In addition, a very interesting one-day technical visit is planned on Tuesday 6th of May with visits to important Italian companies located in the Emilia Romagna region and considered as leaders in horticultural plant micropropagation and nursery activities.

The International Symposium on Biotechnological Tools in Horticulture together with the Macfrut fair are two unmissable events of spring 2025 in Rimini, which welcome you with its familiar ways where smiling is so easy from the sealine till the hills!

We look forward to welcoming you in Rimini!

The Conveners

Silvia Sabbadini

Luca Capriotti

Angela Ricci

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